DA Members Feature On Bane Of Winterstorm Debut

BOW Last Sons Of PerylinFellow Melbourne metallers and good friends Bane Of Winterstorm have released their long awaited debut album this week, The Last Sons Of Perylin. Both Jennifer Borg and Karl Szulik from DA feature on the album contributing vocals and a guitar solo respectively. Bane Of Winterstorm’s debut also features many other great metal icons including¬†Jonas Heidgert of Dragonland and can be likened to the symphonic power metal genius of Avantasia. To check out the album click HERE.

Vocal Recording Vlog Uploaded

Jen Vocal RecordingThe final chapter in Divine Ascension’s album 2 recording Vlogs has now been uploaded. Spend some time with singer/front woman Jennifer Borg in the studio as she lets rip behind the mic. With vocals finished, all recording for DA’s second release is now complete. Track upon track upon track will be sent on to be mixed shortly and a release date will be set soon, but for now, check out the Vlog.¬†PLAY

Let The Magic Begin

Jen VocalsWith all of the music for Divine Ascension’s second release now complete, it’s over to Jennifer Borg to add the finishing touches…and some finishing touches they’ll be! From within the same studios that the drums were tracked, Jennifer has been letting rip on vocals delivering a powerful and emotive performance. Karl Szulik has been present during the recording and has indicated that Jennifer’s vocals on this release will be something else.

Track After Track… Keys Video Uploaded

Keys PostKeys for Divine Ascension’s second release are done. The many choirs, synths, strings, brass, bells, and only Dave knows what else, were tracked in two weeks comprising of 15 hours per day in Karl’s personal studio. David Van Pelt recorded take after take wanting to achieve as close to perfection as possible on this his first release with DA. These many attempts feature in the band’s new Vlog. PLAY

Keys Almost Done

Keys TrackingDavid Van Pelt’s key tracks are almost done, he should be signing off on them in the next few days. Dave is wrapped with the pads, leads and solos he has smashed out to date and believes this new album should appeal to a wider audience being a little darker and heavier than DA’s first release. The next video chapter will be released shortly.