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DA are extremely proud to have Stronger featured as the official theme song for the new Superheroine Pilates session for Alternative Women’s Fitness here in Melbourne. A comment from AWF “The song is by local legends Divine Ascension with Jennifer on vocals tearing your heart apart – phwoah! The track is from their album ‘Liberator’.” So if you want to improve your fitness with empowering words, a safe encouraging space while listening to metal, check out Alternative Women’s Fitness HERE.

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Riff Roundup Returns

Riff Roundup returns! While we quietly work away on our third album, you can learn how to play the chorus riff in Liberator right HERE. Complete with a multiple angle video and a free guitar tab. Have fun and keep rockin’!

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Divine Ascension Album 3 Recording is Underway

Drums are done! Luke entered Toyland Recording Studio in Melbourne recently, laying down his drum tracks on 10 songs for Divine Ascension’s upcoming third album. This sees the recording process for Divine Ascension’s third release well underway with guitars to be recorded over the next two months. A release date is yet to be announced, but some time in the second half of 2017 seems likely.

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