Karl “Inski” Szulik


Anything musical. Although this can also encompass any noise or sound I find amusing or entertaining. Narrowing this down, I listen to and usually enjoy listening to, everything from metal to jazz fusion, to pop and movie scores. I also change my current play list of albums like I change my socks…daily. Some more notable influences I should mention include Mattias ‘IA’ Eklundh & Freak Kitchen, Dream Theater, Twilightning, Symphony X, Soilwork, Scar Symmetry, Seventh Wonder, Brian Setzer, Virgil Donati, Spiral Architect, Cynic, Andy McKee, Thomas Leeb, Kotaro Oshio, Hans Zimmer and Alan Silvestri. This list also extends to anyone pushing the boundaries of music and taking it to a new level of excellence.

My Musical Journey

I began playing guitar in my teens where I regularly took lessons. I played and composed in many bands throughout my late teens and even formed a few bands of my own. Many of them became defunct due to lack of commitment from other members or due to lack of finding appropriate members to fill the void.

I joined Divine Ascension shortly after contacting Robb and Luke who were looking to form a melodic type symphonic metal band. At the time, Jen was away and the guys had explained to me how great her voice was and how she would be back very soon to permanently join the band. Eventually, I went down to one of their rehearsals where we jammed for a while. The rest is history.

What DA Means To Me

In a nutshell: pure and utter enjoyment. But if I were to expand, it is an expression of creativity and passion. It is a way for me to voice myself, but at the same time create enjoyment for others as well as myself. Leaving my musical mark on the world has also been a personal dream of mine. The fact that all the guys (and gal) share the same ambition, motivation and passion for music in general and with this band, only makes the experience that much more worthwhile.

Other Bands

Slightly Left Of Centre, Fear Of The Unknown


Bare Knuckle Pickups