Jennifer Borg


I grew up listening to a wide range of music, but particularly took a liking to classical music and music theatre. Later my appreciation turned to singer/songwriter/pianists as we had an old upright piano at home, and all I wanted to be able to do was play and sing. Artists such as Elton John, Ray Charles, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple made it look easy to sing and play at the same time and these are the people that inspired me and have influence me as a singer.

My Musical Journey

I have always been a very goal orientated, determined person. From the age of four I was encouraged to embrace my inner drama queen in dance competitions which I did so without hesitation. Years on I am still extremely dramatic. I attended an arts college on scholarship in my high school years, and received classical training for voice and trumpet and later jazz piano. Following high school, I trained full time in all styles to be a professional dancer, and began working professionally as a singer / dancer on cruise ships. As much as I loved living on the ocean, I wanted to move back home and establish myself in my hometown Melbourne. I joined Divine Ascension in 2006 because I was looking for a project that was interesting and challenging. As soon as I heard some samples of the music that Robb had already created, I was sold. Luke began my education with what he called ‘Metal 101’ and introduced me to female fronted bands such as Nightwish and Within Temptation.

What DA means to me

Since moving back to Melbourne in 2006 I have played with many different cover and tribute bands yet Divine Ascension is more than just a band to me. DA challenges me to give more as a performer, to work harder as a singer and to be extra creative as a songwriter. DA has become part of who I am and I can only hope that the music that we create brings people together and inspires people to dream big and live life to the full.