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‘The Uncovering’ is released in JAPAN

Divine Ascension and Vicisolum Productions team up with Rubicon Music to release The Uncovering in Japan. The album will be released on the 26th of December 2018 (Boxing Day) and will be available in a range of music stores such as Amazon, Tower Records, Disc Union, CD Japan and HMV as well as online stores. Karl comments, “We are extremely excited to release our new album in Japan because As The Truth Appears was received so well there. Hopefully we can tour there soon and help promote it!”

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‘Evermore’ Single Released

Divine Ascension has released their brand new single ‘Evermore’ from the upcoming third album ‘The Uncovering’. “We wanted to give our fans and listeners a good snapshot of what the new album was about. So we chose Evermore as the single because we thought it showcased the album with the extreme dynamics, emotion and fast paced feeling.” (Karl Szulik) Evermore is available to listen through Vicisolum Productions, Spotify, qobuz and many other online digital services.

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