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Stormrider Festival

Divine Ascension will make their debut live appearance in Perth on 29 June 2019 at Badlands Bar for the annual Stormrider Festival. The Festival, in its sixth year, will be headlined by Lord and feature other quality Australian acts such as Silent Knight, Truth Corroded, Orpheus Omega and Diamond Sky. This will be a night of unforgettable head banging action.

Karl states, “We are very excited to finally get to Perth and play. This has been something we have been working towards for quite some time and it will be fantastic!”

Tickets for the event go on sale at 9am Friday 26 April 2019. Listen to the official Spotify playlist which features the bands HERE.

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Karl Guest Appears On Slightly Left Of Centre Track

Slightly Left Of Centre, Karl’s old pop band has released a previously unreleased track Cocoon from the debut album The Right Direction. The track is available on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and many other online streaming and downloading services. Karl states, “It is great to finally see this track released to the world. I remember working on it many years ago. It was a shame it never made it to the album. I think it is a great song. Maybe it is because the guitar solo is a little to crazy for pop music? Haha!”

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Evermore Reaches 100,000 Streams

Evermore has clicked over 100,000 streams on Spotify since the release. Divine Ascension are extremely grateful to everyone who has taken the time to listen to the song and the new album The Uncovering. Karl states, “We are extremely happy with how well received The Uncovering has been. Hopefully it continues to grow and more fans can enjoy what we do.” Check it out HERE.

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