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PowerPlay Rock & Metal Mag UK Review Liberator 8/10

Issue171-212x300Marcus Jervis, a writer with UK’s most prominent rock and metal magazine PowerPlay, featured his review of Liberator in the December 2014/January 2015 issue of the mag. After touching on how the success of female fronted metal bands like Nightwish have laid “…the groundwork…” for bands like Divine Ascension and other newly successful female fronted metal acts, he states that DA, “…have created an album that provides everything a symphonic metal fan could desire.” Marcus rated Liberator 8/10 labeling it a “…great album.” You can read his full review HERE. You can also still pick up copies of this issue of PowerPlay (Issue 171) from their website HERE. Liberator, as well as Divine Ascension’s debut release As The Truth Appears, can now be purchased from the SHOP.