Robb Inglis


For me the wonder of movie soundtracks has always had me in awe and discovering more of a story than the actual film. The very first time I saw Star Wars was the first time I escaped into the wonders of sound. Walking out of the cinema that day my life had changed.

James Bond was a great source of inspiration for me purely again due to the soundtracks. John Williams and John Barry have made me what I am today. Later in life I discovered metal and knew right then that between classical and metal…was a very fine line.

My Musical Journey

Around 7 years old I was attending music/guitar lessons once a week behind a guitar store after closing…I still remember the smell of a new guitar today…mmmm! This only lasted a year until high school where I rekindled my love of the instrument, which again was fleeting. Fast forward to when I’m 17 and discovering the wonders of metal…remembering my guitar playing ventures…I once again “donned” the axe and have never looked back. Have played in numerous bands in the past but never anything quite like this.

What DA Means To Me

DA for me is a great opportunity to be among peers who, like me, share the passion of creativity and lateral thinking. In our plain of existence we only get a say once…hopefully this is it.

But most important to me is the lesson I can pass down to my 2 sons…if you have a dream…what’s stopping you?