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Divine Ascension Season Greetings

2015 has been a great yearDA Xmas for Divine Ascension. They completed their first ever Australian Tour and made their way over to Europe to tour with heavy metal legends Stratovarius and Gloryhammer. Divine Ascension would like to thank all their fans and friends, old and new from around the globe for the amazing experiences they have had this year. Seasons greetings to all and they cannot wait to see what 2016 will bring! To watch a personal Aussie season greetings from the band, click HERE.

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Liberating Europe Tour ON THE ROAD #6

DivineGloryVariusEven though this tour was officially completed just over two weeks ago, some DA members are still making their way back home after taking some time out to enjoy even more of what Europe has to offer.
The usual suspects are all present in this photo taken after the final show of the tour in Kufstein, Austria. If you missed seeing Divine Ascension at one of their shows on their Liberating Europe Tour, HERE is fan footage of Divine Ascension’s entire set (except Answers) from their Eindhoven show.

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