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Sydney & Canberra, Thank You

Divine Ascension may be preparing for their next show on the Liberating Australia Tour in Geelong this Saturday May 30, but the insiders know they are really still coming down off their whirlwind shows in Sydney and Canberra from last weekend. You’ll have to wait for the next tour diary installment to catch all the action from the shows, but until then, here’s a reminder of what has taken place so far

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On The Road Liberating Australia | Part 2

Tour Diary Two Thumbnail Part 2 of Divine Ascension’s Liberating Australia Tour Diaries can be viewed HERE. DA have almost completed their first national tour of Australia with only Geelong May 30 and the Gold Coast June 7 to come. DA are then back to Bendigo June 13 before joining power metal masters, Blind Guardian, on their Beyond The Red Mirror Australian Tour. DA LIVE.

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Forte Magazine Chat With Karl Szulik

Karl Brisbane May 2 2015Guitarist Karl Szulik loves playing live, there’s no doubt about it. Getting up close and personal with DA fans and rocking out with them and the other DA members would be an almost incomparable experience. However, in this recent interview with Forte Magazine, we gain a great insight into what led Karl and Divine Ascension to this point and where Karl sees DA progressing to in the future. And on a more personal note, we get to know what Karl loves doing in his down time when not on the road or recording. Read the full interview HERE. Purchase Divine Ascension’s latest release, Liberator, from the SHOP. Divine Ascension are currently touring Australia, to find a show near you visit the LIVE page.

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