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On The Road Liberating Australia | Part 1

Tour Diary One ThumbnailDivine Ascension recently travelled to Adelaide as part of their Liberating Australia Tour. They received an extremely warm welcome. But travelling on the road isn’t always smooth sailing. This is what Divine Ascension got up to while on their first part of the Liberating Australia Tour. Stay up to date on the upcoming episodes by subscribing HERE.

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Liberating Australia Tour 2015 Is Underway

Australian Tour 2015The Liberating Australia Tour 2015 is well underway with the opening show on the tour in Melbourne on April 11 at The Espy being a huge success. DA went on to play in Adelaide at The Cavern receiving fantastic feedback. All the venues, bands and most importantly fans involved in this tour so far have been outstanding. Next is The New Globe Theatre in Brisbane with Awaken Solace, Dark Symphonica & Flynn Effect. For all the upcoming dates and details, check out the gig page HERE.

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Divine Ascension Enters South Australia

Divine Ascension headed to TAdelaide Photohe Cavern in Adelaide, South Australia last night as part of their 2015 Liberating Australia Tour. They received a warm welcome from all the fans, bands (Audium, Odysey, Devonera and Raven Black Night) and the venue. A huge thank you is extended to everyone that attended the night and supported DA and live music! Click HERE for upcoming dates.

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