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Another Liberator Video Clip Trailer

Liberator Clip Trailer Thumbnail #2Divine Ascension are teasing their fans with a second Liberator trailer that was released in the past couple of days. The release of the full Liberator video clip is still officially “coming soon”. Stayed tuned! View the second trailer HERE. Purchase Liberator as well as signed copies of the band’s debut release, As The Truth Appears, in the SHOP.

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Another Blistering Review For Liberator

DA_LIBERATOR_COVER08Rated 8+ out of 10, Liberator is considered Great Metal by Archaic Metallurgy. “Liberator is an awesome album, which puts out a lot from the start, but still gives a lot more for a long time to come, and for many, many listenings. Not to be missed!!!” “Maybe on one album out of… I don’t know, a thousand perhaps, has a perfect song. DA have managed in this exceptional task, an offer us…” What was the “perfect song”? Read the full review HERE. Purchase Liberator now from the SHOP.

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Putting Out The Call

Putting Out The CallDivine Ascension have officially put out the call to promoters worldwide to help the band reach their fans across the globe. Dave mentions America (North and South), Europe and Japan in the video specifically, but the invitation is extended to all territories as Liberator’s reach is widening. Watch the video HERE. Share this video to help get DA to your country. Purchase signed copies of Liberator, as well as As The Truth Appears, HERE.

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