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German Divine Ascension Fan Website

A fan produced website supporting all things Divine Ascension has been created by a German fan and can be viewed here. Some of the guys in DA will be dropping by from time to time to chat and answer questions so be sure to register to the forum so you don’t miss out! Also, a few fan made video clips have begun to appear on the net featuring DA tracks. These videos feature some really cool footage of short animated clips and scenes from movies cut to the music. You can follow these links to view them: Vision Divine & Not Today (Japanese Bonus track).

It’s really great to see these fan initiatives beginning to pop up; it’s very humbling and shows people are really getting something from our music. The German fan website is amazing and our gratitude is extended to the creator for their overwhelming support. I’ve also seen both the fan made clips too and it was interesting to see how someone else envisions our music, lyrics and themes. Thank you. Luke & DA

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More Reviews & Some Top 10 Lists

Some new reviews for As The Truth Appears:

Rockin’ Paparazzo 5/5 (German)
The Metal Pit 8.5/10
Metal Kaoz 8/10
exteen.com 8.9/10 (Thai)

As The Truth Appears has also made some Top 10 lists for albums released in 2011:

Screaming Symphony
Sonic Cathedral and Unleash The Furies contributor Sara Latourneau

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The Making Of Answers PART 2 Video Up

The ‘Making Of Answers Part 2’ is now live on YouTube. You can view the video here. From the band:

Answers features a guest vocal appearance by Melbourne’s own Silvio Massaro from the band Vanishing Point. We were wrapped when we found out Silvio was going to be joining Jennifer on this track. We had played a couple of shows with Vanishing Point and had built up a great friendship with the band at the time of our recording. We all thought his voice would play off Jennifer’s perfectly. Whilst recording the track in the studio we decided the male backing vocals on Another Battlefield might sound cool if Silvio was to lend his voice to them also, Silvio was willing to give them a go then and there and of course they came up great. Silvio also appeared in our video clip for Answers churning out an awesome performance for the camera.


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